Single Tenant Retail Construction

Strong relationships with repeat clients have allowed HJB Construction to carve a niche into the single-tenant retail market. With the continuing trend of consumers becoming cost-conscious, the need for affordable retail stores is greater than ever. The retail market is a prime target for financially sound real estate investments, and new stores are springing up throughout the Southeast region. Experienced in building unique structures, we realize that it is important as a business owner to have a site that:

  • Functions optimally
  • Attracts targeted customers
  • Aligns with the established budget and timeline

We provide single tenants with quality construction that meet their particular needs. HJB Construction has built a reputation for constructing top quality retail on a tight schedule and under budget.

National Retail Construction

HJB Construction, Inc. is a commercial retail construction company based in Charleston, SC.  We specialize in the construction of national retail stores throughout the Southeast region.  We are a commercial retail general contractor providing services in:

  • Property Development
  • Renovations and Expansions
  • Construction Management
  • Building Design
  • Estimating

With over 20 years of experience building for national retailers and developers, HJB Construction knows what it takes to deliver quality construction under tight time lines. We understand the specifics of building strictly to corporate plans and have systems in place to ensure that everything is constructed per designed. We have established long-standing relationships with vendors and subcontractors throughout the Southeast, and our network and reputation as a leader in the retail industry continues to grow. Compressed schedules with mandatory grand opening dates are ingrained in our project team.  Our main goal is to execute every construction project safely and on schedule, and to ensure that all the needs of our clients are satisfied.